Ragehappy Secret Santa 2014!

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This the HAND-IN format

Please take a look at our Rules and FAQ Page and don't hesitate to ask us questions!


Call Outs

Here’s just a quick call out to strwberiarts, thetitanshiftingalchemist and unculturedegg (who I believe is now azulpyro - although I might be wrong) - if you guys want to stay in the event you’ll need to get a message to me either on tumblr or by the event email to let me know that you’re still participating!

If you’ve decided to drop out I would prefer you let me know, I’d rather know than wonder where you’ve disappeared to!

- Ave

Check-In Reminder

I would like to thank everybody for their quick replies to the check-in email! The vast majority of you have responded, but there are still a small handful of you who haven’t.

If you would like to just double check that I’ve marked you down as having checked-in you can see my list here.

I will be sending out messages to those of you who haven’t replied either tomorrow or Thursday, my internet permitting, and I’m hoping to get everybody checked in by the end of next week!

- Ave

October Check-In

Hello everybody,

I’ve just sent out the emails for this month’s check-in. You will find further information of what you need to do (which isn’t much) in the email itself. 


If you haven’t received an email from us you can email us yourself or send in an Ask, it could be that I have your email down incorrectly (which I’m hoping you would have noticed by now considering prompts have gone out…)

I hope you’re all having a good week!

- Ave

Check-In #1

Hello everybody,

This is just a quick reminder about checking in on the 1st October. You will receive an email on the day with all the details, and all you need to do is reply to it.

If you do not reply within a week we will send you another email, and if you do not reply to that within a week you will be removed from the event. So it’s very important that you reply - even if it’s just a quick ‘I’m still in’. 

The purpose of this check-in is to catch out people who have dropped out, or are considering dropping out, and have not planned on telling us. So you do not necessarily need to have started your gift, although I urge you to think about starting it soon! :)

If, for any reason, you will not be around to reply to the check-in email do let us know ASAP. I will make a note of it and contact you to check-in on a different date - this way you won’t be unfairly removed from the event when, for example, you’ve been without internet for the week!

Both Tats and I are going to be quite busy the week of the 1st (I’m moving to a different country and Tats is going on an adventure) so if you reply to the check-in email with questions/problems please be aware that you may not get a quick reply! But you will get a reply eventually.

I think that’s just about it, I hope to hear from you all soon! :D

- Ave

Anonymous sent: are we going to be allowed to post our works on our own sites after the whole event is done?

We didn’t last year, but for this year I see no reason why not :)

Anonymous sent: I'm sorry,I'm on mobile so I can't access your FAQ or anything.When is the first check in?

1st October :) 

Congratulations  on getting over 100 participants !!! 

"Thank you! :D - Ave" 

Anonymous sent: Is there a word limit for fics?

Nope. Last year it was 5k, but I think that put a lot of people off!

Try to work on it so you try and get as much out of the prompt that you’ve been given :)

Anonymous sent: Do you have to request editors or can you just ask them personally?

Ask them personally! Explain that you found their name on this blog’s editor list and politely ask for their help :)

Anonymous sent: I think you should make the editors list a bit more visible, it took me a while to find it. Sorry for butting in, tho!

THAT’S what I forgot to mention on the ‘Prompts Have Been Sent Out’ PSA!

I’ll get on it :D