Ragehappy Secret Santa 2014!

Sign ups are Closed

This the HAND-IN format

Please take a look at our Rules and FAQ Page and don't hesitate to ask us questions!

Anonymous sent: are we going to be allowed to post our works on our own sites after the whole event is done?

We didn’t last year, but for this year I see no reason why not :)

Anonymous sent: I'm sorry,I'm on mobile so I can't access your FAQ or anything.When is the first check in?

1st October :) 

Congratulations  on getting over 100 participants !!! 

"Thank you! :D - Ave" 

Anonymous sent: Is there a word limit for fics?

Nope. Last year it was 5k, but I think that put a lot of people off!

Try to work on it so you try and get as much out of the prompt that you’ve been given :)

Anonymous sent: Do you have to request editors or can you just ask them personally?

Ask them personally! Explain that you found their name on this blog’s editor list and politely ask for their help :)

Anonymous sent: I think you should make the editors list a bit more visible, it took me a while to find it. Sorry for butting in, tho!

THAT’S what I forgot to mention on the ‘Prompts Have Been Sent Out’ PSA!

I’ll get on it :D

Sign-Ups are Closed!

Thank you to everyone who signed up today. I will send out your prompts later tonight! :D

Sign-Ups are Open! (Again…For a Little Bit)

Hello everyone, it’s me again! Due to something that has come up, we’re opening sign ups again for a short while!

So, if you were thinking about signing up and didn’t get around to it here’s your chance! I’m looking for people who are willing to write/draw and/or receive Freewood, Mavin, Danvin and/or Lunacross (primarily one or two of these but you may specify others) to join the final group in this event. If you’re up for it then we’ll happily welcome you!

You can find more information about signing up here.

If you’ve already signed up and received your prompt nothing has changed for you, and you can ignore this message. If you think you’ve signed up and haven’t received a prompt please email us at rhsecretsanta@hotmail.com and let us know the username you signed up with and we’ll send you your prompt!

Anonymous sent: Should we know who the person is that we're making the gift for? Or do we not find out until the due date?

You don’t found out who you’re writing for and who’s writing for you until gifts are posted - even I don’t know who I’m writing for and who’s writing for me! That way there’s no bias or nerves, and if someone drops out Tats or I can quietly reassign prompts without worrying anybody :)

Anonymous sent: Do you want us to put author's notes or anything in our stories?

It’s entirely up to you!